Miraculite Minerals are mined from a unique deposit of Calcium Montmorillonite, a type of clay renowned for its nutritional and medicinal properties. This deposit of clay is hidden deep within the Sierra Nevada Mountains in a pristine wilderness area.

This deposit, discovered in 1988, consists of four shimmering hills unlike its surroundings.  It is naturally golden in color and is richly covered with beautiful sparkling mineral crystals. 

Hidden for millions of years, the deposit contains 73 minerals and micronutrients in biological balance.  Universities, clinics and laboratories have tested it with amazing results.

A National Laboratory has conducted a scientific study on Miraculite Minerals' montmorillonite clay.  The study shows that our clay product removes such pollutants as Strontium, Cesium, Selenium and Arsenic from fresh water.  Confidential study available upon request.
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