The Science

A National Laboratory has conducted a scientific study on Miraculite Minerals' montmorillonite clay.  The study shows that our clay product removes such pollutants as Strontium, Cesium, Selenium and Arsenic from fresh water.  Confidential study available upon request.

Samples collected from twenty-five (25) locations at the mine, were tested at the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, School of Medicine & School of Chemical Sciences resulting in:

Through spectrographic analysis, the material was detrmined to contain seventy-three (73) mineral elements to be very consistent in its composition.

When tested for toxicity, the material was found to be non-invasive to the human organism even at very high doses.

It was discovered  to eradicate three types of pathogenic bacteria and various fungi.

Certificate of Analysis

Microbial Limit Tests:
Assay stating Miraculite Minerals meets and exceeds USP 281N23 specifications for microbial enumeration for oil and water soluble vitamins and mineral tablets.  It was noted by chemist performing assay that it is very unusual to test a product sample without preservatives already having been added. Chemist was impressed that a substance that was not enhanced with preservatives prior to testing could meet and exceed results of other products tested that typically are treated prior to testing.

Antimicrobial Limit Tests:
Harmful bacterial strains of pseudomonas, staphylococcus and e coli were added to Miraculite Minerals and cultured for 28 days.  At the end of 28 days, the bacterial count for all measured zero.

In fungal studies, the fungal strain of candida albicans progressively dropped over 28 days when added.

It was the Chemists' position that bacteria cannot survive in this mineral conglomerate.

Radiation Detection Values:
No detectable radiation.  Using OSHA standards and guideline limits, levels of radiation detected were 10 times below that OSHA deems safe and acceptable.

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